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NetQuarry.Metadata Namespace

The Metadata namespace holds classes used to manage the NetQuarry metadata.

Public classApplicationSaveEventArgs
Event arguments for the BeforeApplicationSaved event
Public classCodeGenerator
Used by the command-line tool EAP.Tools.CodeGen to generate type-safe wrapper classes around each mapper.
Public classMetadataBase
Base class for MetadataReader/MetadataWriter
Public classMetadataReader
Reads metadata files as XML and loads them into the repository database
Public classMetadataWriter
Represents an object that reads metadata from a repository database and writes it to a "META" file.
Public classMetaProperties
Holds a collection of MetaProperty objects
Public classMetaProperty
Holds metadata information about a property
Public classMetaTextItems
Holds a collection of text items for use during LoadAndDistribute
Public classModuleInfo
Holds information about a module
Public classModuleSaveLoadEventArgs
Arguments used by the save/load events
Public classObjectType
Represents a NetQuarry metadata object.
Public classObjectTypeRelationship
ObjectType relationship
Public classObjectTypes
Holds a collection of ObjectType objects.
Public classParameter
Represents a parameter as defined in the metadata
Public classParameters
Holds a collection of Parameter objects
Public classUtil
Metadata utility helper functions.
Public delegateAfterApplicationSavedHandler
Fired after the application is saved.
Public delegateBeforeApplicationSavedHandler
Fired before the application is saved.
Public delegateModuleLoadedHandler
Fired when a module is loaded
Public delegateModuleSavedHandler
Fired when a module is saved.
Public enumerationApiMethodAttributes
Options for code generation for API methods.
Public enumerationCodeGenerationOutputType
Specifies the type of generation to perform.
Public enumerationCodeGenOptions
Options for code generation for the IMapper objects. FieldCodeGenOptions provides IField code generation options.
Public enumerationDataTypeAttrs
Type attributes that apply to parameter data types. This enumeration is used by the Studio.
Public enumerationFieldCodeGenOptions
Options for code generation a IField object. CodeGenOptions provides IMapper code generation options.
Public enumerationMetadataLoadFlags
Behavior flags for Load(String)
Public enumerationMetadataSaveFlags
Public enumerationModuleAttrs
Module attributes (applies to xmt_modules.attr_bits)
Public enumerationObjectTypeAttrs
ObjectTypeAttributes (from xmt_obj_types.attr_bits
Public enumerationObjectTypeFindType
Options used by ObjectTyps.Find
Public enumerationSaveStatus
Status of the saved module. Used in the ModuleSaved event.
Public enumerationTypedMapperGenOptions
TypedMapper generation options.