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NetQuarry.Diagnostics Namespace

The NetQuarry service providing diagnostic information of system performance and errors.
Public classCounterData
A performance monitoring counter description.
Public classMonitoredObjectAttributes
The set of defined attributes for a monitored object. Typically this is obtained as a result of calling GetAttributesFromObject(IAppContext, Object) on a monitored object.
Public classPerfmonCounterCreator
Register Performance Counters needed by the NetQuarry Platform
Public classPerfmonHelper
Helper class for working with monitored objects.
Public classPerfmonInstanceCounter
An instance of a performance counter derived from a PerformanceObjectCounter
Public classPerfmonInstanceCounterFactory
Constructs a collection of PerfmonInstanceCounters for a specified instance of an object being monitored
Public classPerfmonInstanceCounters
A collection of PerformanceInstanceCounter objects associated with a specific instance of a NetQuarry object
Public classPerfmonObject
A container for the performance monitoring object counters associated with a NetQuarry object
Public classPerfmonObjectCounter
A class representing a definition of a perfmance counter Some counters require a base counter definition. This class encapsulates that requirement based on the type of counter that is required. see
Public classPerfmonObjectCounters
A collection of PerfmonObjectCounter objects associated with an object type
Public classPerfmonObjects
The collection of all PerfmonObjects that are being tracked by the NetQuarry platform
Public classPerfmonObjectsFactory
Constructs a collection of PerfmonObjects (and associated Perfmon Object Counters) for each object type that is being monitored for performance The PerfmonObjects define the types of counters to be created
Public interfaceIDiagnostic
Interface for services providing diagnostic information of system performance and errors
Public interfaceIPerfmonLogging
Standard Perfmon Logging Functions
Public enumerationDiagnosticCounterType
Which method to use for a specific counter.
Public enumerationGetCounterAttributeType
The counter attribute to get. Not currently used.
Public enumerationPerfmonAttrs
Performance Monitoring Attributes.
Public enumerationPerfmonCounterIncrementType
Which increment method to use for a specific counter.
Public enumerationPerfmonInstanceCounterFindType
Used in Find(String, PerfmonInstanceCounterFindType) to specify the type of search.
Public enumerationPerfmonObjectAttrs
Attributes affecting PerfmonObject objects.
Public enumerationPerfmonObjectCounterAttrs
Performance Monitoring Object Counter Attributes
Public enumerationPerfmonObjectCounterFindType
Used in Find(String, PerfmonObjectCounterFindType) to specify the type of search.
Public enumerationPerfmonObjectFindType
Methods to use when finding a perfmon object using the Find(String, PerfmonObjectFindType) method.