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NetQuarry.Services.Paypal Namespace

The NetQuarry service for creating recurring payments and charging payments via the PayPal Website Payments Pro API.
Public classCancelRecurringPaymentsResult
Public classCheckoutDetailsResult
Return value from the GetExpressCheckoutDetails(String) method.
Public classCreditCardDetails
Holds information about a credit card
Public classExpressCheckoutResult
Public classPayerInfo
Holds information about the payer
Public classPaymentDetails
Holds information about the payment
Public classPaymentResult
Public classPaypalException
The exception that is thrown when a paypal error occurs.
Public classPaypalResult
Base class for all results. The Ack will normally be 'SUCCESS'. All of the API calls through the IPaypal interface will throw an exception of type PaypalException and will not return a failure directly.
Public classRecurringPaymentsDetailsResult
Return value from the GetRecurringPaymentsInfo(String) method.
Public classRecurringPaymentsResult
Part of the return value from the GetRecurringPaymentsInfo(String) method.
Public classRecurringPaymentsSummary
Return value from the GetRecurringPaymentsInfo(String) method.
Public classRefundTransactionResult
Return value from the RefundTransaction(String, String) method.
Public interfaceIPaypal
Standard payment interface for paypal using Website Payments Pro interface.
Public enumerationBillingPeriod
The billing period (unit for billing during this subscription period).
Public enumerationCreditCardType
The type of the credit card.
Public enumerationRecurringPaymentsProfileStatus
Represents the status of the recurring profile.