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NetQuarry.Mail Namespace

The NetQuarry platform provides a sophisticated email facilities including support for:
  • Attachments
  • Relationships
  • No-send list
  • Template mailings
  • SendGrid integration
Public classiCal
Supports construction and attachment to an email message of an iCalendar scheduling item that can be used to communicate schedule items to a scheduling application such as Microsoft Outlook. See for a good iCalendar specification. See for the official iCalendar specification.
Public classiCalRecurrencePattern
Holds information about a recurrence pattern.
Public classiCalWeekDay
Holds a weekday and offset for monthly recurrence patterns, for example "3TU" for the 3rd Tuesday.
Public classMailMessageExtensions
Extension methods for System.Net.Mail objects
Public classMessage
Wrapper class for MailMessage and other artifacts
Public classMessageRelationship
Holds a relationship for a mail message to another related object.
Public classMessageRelationships
Holds a collection of MessageRelationship object.
Public classRecurrencePatternSerializer
Helper class for serializing a iCalRecurrencePattern recurrence pattern object to an iCal recurrence pattern string.
Public classWeekDayExtensions
Helper class for turning a date into a WeekDay.
Public enumerationiCalFrequencyType
The recurrence frequency unit for recurring calendar items. For example, Monthly indicates that the recurring calendar item recurs on a monthly basis in the manner described by the other parts of the recurrence pattern.
Public enumerationiCalNotificationType
The types of iCalendar notifications.