A PageInfo object holds the metadata representation at runtime of the potential pages that could be used in an application. A Page is represented by it's MOP (module ID). The collection is loaded once (at startup) and used throughout the life of the application.

Page Overloading can achieved by specifying Device and/or Priority. When a user logs in with roles that allow access to multiple pages with the same MOP then Device and Priority are used to determine which of these pages is to be used. If a particular Device matches the current device then that page is favored. If multiple pages with the same (or no) Device are available then Priority is used to disambiguate with the highest Priority number favored.

Namespace: NetQuarry
Assembly: EAP.Core (in EAP.Core.dll) Version: (


public class PageInfo : IEAPBase, ICloneable, 
Visual Basic
Public Class PageInfo
	Implements IEAPBase, ICloneable, ICacheable


Warning: For performance reasons the PageInfo objects in the PageInfos collection are global objects that persist across requests for the current user, and even for other users having similar roles. For this reason you should not modify these global objects programmatically unless the intent it to have a truly global change. As each page is initalized a reference to these global objects is set as the page's PageInfo value and so each page's PageInfo object is global as well and should not be modified. Clonging the page's PageInfo object and setting it back on the page sets the page up to use a non-global instance of the PageInfo object that exists only for the current request and may be freely modified without affecting other requests.

If you need to set page-instance-specific properties you can use the GetClonedPageInfo()()()() method, available on most pages, to relatively efficiently obtain a cloned PageInfo object for the page (it will return the existing PageInfo object if already a clone else if not already a clone, it will clone the PageInfo, set it on the page, and return it).

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