The NetQuarry service providing payment integration with BrainTree.


Public classBraintreeWebhook
Handles the webhook events from braintree You must have the web.config entry: <add verb="POST,GET" path="braintree.ashx" type="NetQuarry.Services.Payment.BraintreeWebhook, EAP.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b1bfd4831f604c0b" validate="false" />
Public classDisbursement
Simple version of a disbursement.
Public classGoCardless
Objects used in GoCardless' API. See IGoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..Customer
Customer object to pass information about a customer. swedish_identity_number field is NEVER set by us because it may only be supplied for Swedish customers. Corresponds directly to GoCardless Customer object
Public classGoCardless..::..CustomerBankAccount
CustomerBankAccount object to pass information about a customer bank account. A bank account has to be tied to a customer. 1 customer can have multiple accounts. A customer's bank accounts must be unique. GoCardless will reply with a bank_account_exists error if you try to duplicate a bank account. Corresponds directly to GoCardless CustomerBankAccount object
Public classGoCardless..::..Error
Error information. Set by GoCardless for response to API call instead of the expecting object if there was an error. Corresponds directly to GoCardless Error object
Public classGoCardless..::..Error..::..error_reason
Some possible error reasons. Descriptions are from GoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..Error..::..error_type
The type of an error, depending on it's root cause.
Public classGoCardless..::..Error..::..InnerError
Array listing any errors that have been raised in 1 of 2 formats: field + request_pointer + message, or reason + message.
Public classGoCardless..::..Event
Event object to pass information about an event. Events are stored for all webhooks. An event refers to a resource which has been updated, for example a payment which has been collected, or a mandate which has been transferred. Corresponds directly to GoCardless Events object
Public classGoCardless..::..Event..::..Detail
Details about the event. Is always set when GoCardless sends an event.
Public classGoCardless..::..Event..::..Detail..::..origin_options
Picklist for origin from GoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..Event..::..include_options
Picklist of options for include from GoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..Event..::..resource_type_options
Picklist of options for resource_type from GoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..Links
IDs of things that could be related.
Public classGoCardless..::..Mandate
Mandate object to pass information about a mandate. A mandate is a Direct Debit mandate with a bank account. Almost always only want 1 mandate per bank account. Can take multiple payments against a mandate. Corresponds directly to GoCardless Mandate object
Public classGoCardless..::..Mandate..::..mandates_status
Picklist for status from GoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..MetaClass
Options available on all cursor-paginated endpoints. All list/index endpoints are ordered and paginated reverse chronologically by default.
Public classGoCardless..::..MetaClass..::..CreatedAt
Date cursor options.
Public classGoCardless..::..MetaClass..::..Cursor
ID cursor options: [var before]...[returned items]...[var after]
Public classGoCardless..::..Metadata
Key-value store of custom data. Up to 3 keys are permitted, with key names up to 50 characters and values up to 500 characters.
Public classGoCardless..::..Payment
Payment object to pass information about a payment. Payments are taken against a mandate. Can have multiple payments against a mandate. Corresponds directly to GoCardless Payment object
Public classGoCardless..::..Payment..::..payments_status
Picklist for status from GoCardless.
Public classGoCardless..::..RedirectFlow
RedirectFlow object to pass information about a redirect flow. A redirect flow can create a customer, customer bank account and mandate without needing GoCardless to approve pages. Corresponds directly to GoCardless RedirectFlow object
Public classGoCardless..::..RedirectFlow..::..PrefilledCustomer
Info about the customer that can be filled by us/from our website. Info be filled in the GC form in the redirect link. Other than in the Create API, this isn't normally used.
Public classGoCardless..::..Refund
Refund object to pass information about a refund. Refund a payment. Corresponds directly to GoCardless Refund object
Public classGoCardlessException
Wrapper for errors if GoCardless gives an error object.
Public classGoCardlessWebhook
Handles webhook events from GoCardless. You must have the web.config entry: <add verb="POST,GET" path="gocardless.ashx" type="NetQuarry.Services.Payment.GoCardlessWebhook, EAP.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b1bfd4831f604c0b" validate="false" /> Webhooks: GoCardless will try sending a webhook up to 10 times. Webhooks may arrive out of order. All past webhooks are visible in online dashboard. Can manually retry sending webhooks from there. Ignore unknown events because new ones might be added by GoCardless and are considered backwards compatible changes. WebHooks are sent from: and (whitelist in firewall).
Public classGoCardlessWebhookArgs
Class derived from ApplicationWebhookArgs used for incoming GoCardless webhook notifications. Adds ResourceType and Action. See ApplicationWebhookArgs.
Public classPaymentMethod
PaymentMethod object to pass information to create a payment method.
Public classPaymentNotification
Notification from braintree
Public classSubscription
Describes a Braintree subscription.
Public classTransaction
Transaction object to store transaction details.


Public interfaceIBraintree
Interface to the Braintree service
Public interfaceIGoCardless


Public enumerationPaymentExpirationType
Payment expiration behavior when adding a card. This dictates how the expiration date is provided to the Braintree payment service in AddPaymentMethod(PaymentMethod) which obtains the setting from the service's BraintreeAPI_PaymentExpirationType property.
Public enumerationPaymentIncludeAttributes
Controls which attributes to send to Braintree when creating a card. The default is none as the nonce holds PCI compliant data for this. This is used by the Braintree payment service in AddPaymentMethod(PaymentMethod) which obtains the setting from the service's BraintreeAPI_PaymentIncludeAttributes property.
Public enumerationSubscriptionStatus
Subscription statuses.